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Welcome to Weight Loss For Life, a community for people who would like to make lifestyle changes that they can stick to.  Our main focus is healthy weight loss and weight maintenance, but we welcome anyone interested in what comes along with a healthy lifestyle - nutrition, exercise, etc.

To become a member, simply join the community.  A moderator will approve your membership as soon as possible.  From there, please fill out the Initial Survey, which can be found here:

After you have posted your Initial Survey, check out our activities and learn more about the community and other members!  In order to be an active member and benefit from our community, we require participation in activities to earn community points.  Community points are used to reward members as "Member of the Month" and also to have personalized meal plans and exercise plans made by the moderators.

[This community has branched off from the former community [info]sknny_bitches - we wanted a more professional and positive community name rather than a cute spin on things.  You're more than welcome to still call yourself a "Skinny Bitch" - we want to focus more on a healthy, positive lifestyle changing atmosphere and stay away from the "skinny".  Plus... we hope that getting rid of the "Skinny Bitch" title will help attract more men to our community. :)]